Samsung will reportedly announce its Galaxy S5 handset in January 2014

Samsung will reportedly announce its Galaxy S5 handset in January 2014

Korean news site Naver has revealed in a Thursday report that Samsung’s announcement about its next-generation Galaxy handset – the Galaxy S5 – will likely be made in January 2014; seemingly in coincidence with the company’s presence at the CES 2014 event.

The report implies that the Galaxy S5 handset may be announced by Samsung two months sooner than previously projected.

According to the Naver report, based on the information shared by an unidentified source, Samsung has set a mid-January launch for its Galaxy S5 handset because of the sluggish sales of its current flagship, the Galaxy S4 smartphone which was unveiled in March this year.

Naver said in the report: "Samsung is said to be moving up the release date for the successor to its flagship Android, the Galaxy S4, due to the phone's 'sales slump'.”

The Naver site – which is composed of former Samsung employees - also posted an image of the supposed Galaxy S5; and said that, after the January unveiling of the handset, the device’s sales will commence in February.

So far as the most impressive features of the forthcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone are concerned, a number of reports have revealed that the handset will have a fingerprint sensor; a 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization; and an octa-core processor running on 64-bit technology. The processor will, most probably, be a 64-bit Exynos 5430 "true eight-core" processor.