Study: popcorns taste great and block advertising messages

Study: popcorns taste great and block advertising messages

A study says that the popping of crunchy, buttery and deliciously aromatic popcorns not only fill up the stomach but also removes the effect of pre-movie advertisement anxiety.

The new study by researchers from the University of Cologne reveals that the act of eating crunchy popcorns has the effect of blocking the brain from processing and encoding new information.

The study team found that when movie goers are listening to the name of a product then their lips and tongue usually simulate the pronunciation of that particular word and the brain also tries to repeat it simultaneously.

The consumers are able to remember a new name when they hear it over and over again but when they are eating popcorns the effect of the advertisements may not be the same.

It was observed that when one is eating popcorns the act of saying the words in the commercial can't be done and when inquired after a week they could not remember the names of the product heard during the commercials.

Since the words could not be spoken in the mouth so the brain too didn't say it along resulting in the fact that it didn't get registered.