Death of two friends by ‘Doctor Death’ initiates inquest

Death of two friends by ‘Doctor Death’ initiates inquest

An inquest was ordered after the sudden death of two friends who lost their lives within half an hour during an all-night-party when they took a drug called "Doctor Death".

Chris Goodwin, 30, and Emma Johnson, 21, consumed five times the deadly dosage of the pill which is reputed to be PMA, in the wake of confusing it to be another drug called Speed".

Coroner Jennifer Leeming told the victimized people's families: 'The actuality is they, and other junior individuals, are bringing dangers with their lives.

Three different companions, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, were treated for the impacts of beverage and drugs.

Coroner Jennifer said, "I might say simply don't do it and don't allow others to do it. If you don't mind gain experience from this and help others gain experience from this."

The pair met in a club, where they ordered drinks and took stimulants incorporating mephedrone and cocaine before setting off to a companion's farewell party.

The same night in the wake of using up pills, they and two different companions chose to head off to Mr Goodwin's house where he said he had some 'whizz'.