Google+ social network saw 58% increase in users in recent months

Google+ social network saw 58% increase in users in recent months

In a disclosure which underscores that Google+ is on the increase, Google's Vi Gundotra said during a special Tuesday event that the company's social network has witnessed a 58 percent increase in users in recent months.

According to the numbers shared by Gundotra, the Google+ social network currently has 300 million users, as compared to 190 million users in May this year. He further added that Google+ users who have had social interactions with other Google services in the last one month now total 540 million; marking a notable increase from 390 million in May.

Noting that Google's `per week' uploading of photos has also increased over the last few months, that too at "an amazing rate," Gundotra said that the company is now uploading approximately 1.5 billion photos every week.

However, though Gundotra stopped short of divulging how many of the photos uploaded by Google each week are shared on the Google+ social network, Bradley Horowitz - Google's VP of product management - said that it was a "very big number."

Describing Google+ as a significant tool which helps Google identify and authenticate users across all its services, Horowitz said that both the missions of Google+ are "harmonized;" and added that the social network essentially creates a social layer which provides a "coherent notion of a person" in terms of the use of different Google products.