Are kid cages meant for their protection?

Are kid cages meant for their protection?

During the last 40 years there have been only three attacks of wolves on humans and their kids but still some parts of New Mexico witness little children waiting for their school buses in small wolf cages which are meant to protect them from wolf attacks but their use in some parts is doubtful.

After the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed Endangered Species Act protection for 75 of the animals in the U. S. west the wolves have always been talked about.

As per a report by the National Geographic, if the act is passed it will become illegal to kill the wolves.

There have been no reported wolf attacks in Arizona or New Mexico but still certain conservationists express their concern for children waiting on bus stops and even cattle who, they fear, may be attacked by wolves.

As an added precaution there are cages made for protecting children from attacks by wolves which are made especially for the purpose and have proper seating for children to sit and wait for school buses.

Catron County Sheriff Shawn Menges told FoxNews. com that what happens out in these rural areas is that most of the time, the parents are going to sit and wait with the children in their conveyance but it may not be the case always.