Stair Climbing Good Way to Burn Calories

Stair Climbing Good Way to Burn Calories

Majority of people will be aware that stair climbing is good for health. Therefore, it has been suggested by health experts that people should try to avoid lifts and take stairs.

Stair climbing has been categorized as a vigorous exercise. It has been because its increases heart rate and burns more calories than jogging. Health experts have been found saying that stair climbing improves cardiovascular health and improves muscle strength.

In order to make people to take stairs quite often, a web and app-based health initiative has been designed known as StepJockey.

Main aim of the initiative is to make people across the world to acknowledge the benefits that stair climbing can provide. Moreover, stairs should be considered as a calorie burn exercise.

In order to use the application, you need to sign up online and enter office stairs on the website of the application and rest of the work is handled by the application. The application will inform you the number of calories that have been burnt.

"StepJockey helps individuals to build a vigorous physical activity into their daily routine and is an excellent, time-efficient way to increase fitness and control weight", affirmed Professor Alan Batterham from Teesside University.