Nuts are good for Health

Nuts are good for Health

It has been said a number of times before that dry fruits are good for health. In fact, health experts have affirmed that one should eat all types of nuts as they are packed with different nutritional qualities.

Recently, the Diabetes Foundation (India), Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation (N-DOC) and National Diabetes have carried out a study on the benefits of pistachios.

As per the same, it has been found that pistachios are a great way to reduce the chance of having diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

"Simple dietary changes such as including nuts to the diet can lead to multiple health benefits. It will decrease incidence and prevalence of the metabolic syndrome, diabetes and heart disease", affirmed Dr Anoop Misra, leader of the study.

The study has unveiled one of the other great things and that is pistachios are especially beneficial for Indians. It has been said so as they contain good amount of pistachios and contains fat that is good for health.

However, there are other nuts as well that provide great health boost. Peanuts, walnuts and almonds are of the other nuts. Peanuts are said to be high in folate and are said to be good for brain development.

Peanuts are especially recommended to pregnant women as it helps in the brain development of unborn babies.