Change in Approach surges Production of Kiwifruit in Italy

Change in Approach surges Production of Kiwifruit in Italy

Production of kiwifruit has been increased in Italy as growers have learned to manage the vine disease Psa-V. Dr. Marco Scortichini of the Centre for Research on Fruit Culture of Rome said that a change in approach to Psa-V has helped growers manage the disease like other ones.

Dr. Macro addressed a meeting in which around 80 kiwifruit growers participated. The meeting was held in Te Puke. Dr. Macro told the growers that future of kiwifruit industry is not worrisome in both Italy and New Zealand. And the reason for this is introduction of new management techniques and the breeding of new more tolerant vines.

Agronomic techniques in Italy have gone through significant changes in areas like crop nutrition, use of nitrogen, hormones, air flow for canopies and irrigation methods. As a result, kiwifruit orchards have returned to its productivity.

"New cultivars having some tolerance genes will be released and cultivated. New pollinator clones will also be released", said Dr. Macro.

Role of pollen has not been demonstrated yet for transmitting the disease, but it is still recommended by him that grower should use only certified Psa-free pollen.

Moreover, he said that the new yellow cultivar known as G3 should be used for planting as it is believed to be more tolerant to the disease.