Here, spending on drugs is more than rest of Europe

Here, spending on drugs is more than rest of Europe

New figures from the OECD's most recent 'Health at a Glance' report show Ireland's use on health for every capita fell by 6.6pc between 2009 and 2011, second just to major reductions in Greece.

Health spending has reduced, however the sum used on recommended pills stays far higher than a number of our European neighbours.

The fall in health using is on the once again of changes in the area, incorporating reduces to health segment compensation and the costs paid to pills organizations for pharmaceuticals.

In spite of the cuts, on the other hand, our using on pharmaceuticals remains well above the OECD normal consumption.

The report accuses this mostly a low utilization of nonexclusive drugs instead of marked prescriptions - with non specific pills representing just 18pc of all meds endorsed in 2011.

This contrasts and Germany, the UK, New Zealand and Denmark where generics represent more than 70pc of the business sector.

There has been a drive towards bland meds, with one of the intensely utilized medications - statins for cholesterol - on another rundown of marked and non specific prescriptions to help drive down expenses in the health segment.

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