Largest Volcano in Italy Erupted Again

Largest Volcano in Italy Erupted Again

Mount Etna is the largest active stratovolcano in Italy, which stands to a height of about 10,992 feet. This volcano has been believed to be the ‘Decade Volcano’ by the United Nations and has a total circumference of 140 kilometers.

Mount Etna is two and half times higher than the next largest active volcano in Italy. Local natives of the volcano have been in complaint from past many years regarding the occasional eruption and ash rain from this volcano.

The new report states that this volcano has erupted again with volcanic ash spread over the nearby town, Taormina. The most disheartening fact is that the rescue team was unable in rescuing native people. They were delayed by half an hour to take the precautionary measures, causing destruction to two air corridors.

It has been reported that about 16 volcanoes have been now considered under the list of Decade Volcano. Experts have declared this on the basis of their study regarding volcanic eruptions, which occurred at nearby populated areas.

Researchers said that their study has helped scientists in predicting volcanic activity in the nearby places. This has also been successful in avoiding disasters through diversion of lava, evacuation of people and many more.