Alcohol is Major Cause of Accidents in North Yorkshire and UK

Alcohol is Major Cause of Accidents in North Yorkshire and UK

People are being called up on by Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust as a part of Alcohol Awareness Week 2013 to drink sensibly so as to keep themselves and others safe from any kind of harm.

In North Yorkshire and the UK, alcohol has emerged out to be one of the major causes of accidents. Ambulance crews are called up so as to take people who are injured at the time of accident because of drinking too much.

People who are under the control of alcohol are more expected to take risks which could be a major reason behind accidents, says David Williams, Deputy Director of Operations at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

On Friday and Saturday nights, team in Emergency Operations Centers observes an obvious increase in the number of people calling for an ambulance and alcohol is supposed to be the major factor.

Also, ambulance team working night shifts at the weekends, mainly those who work in urban areas, expect to waste much of their time in dealing with incidents caused due to consumption of alcohol. The incident cases include cases such as falls, assaults and alcohol poisoning.

Last year, approximately, 1,000 motorists have been caught who were drunk at the time of driving on South Yorkshire's roads.

As much as 955 drivers were put on trial for drunk driving from October 2012 to September 2013.