Ford unveils new 2015 Mustang in its first global launch

Ford unveils new 2015 Mustang in its first global launch

In a move which marks the first global launch of the Ford Mustang `pony' car, the American automaker unveiled its 50th anniversary Mustang sports car - the new 2015 Mustang - on Thursday. The new Mustang boasts a sleek redesign which is chiefly aimed at enhancing the status of the Ford brand outside the US.

The new 2015 Mustang was unveiled by Ford CEO Alan Mulally, COO Mark Fields and other senior Ford executives on Thursday, in six cities --- Dearborn, Michigan; New York; Los Angeles; Barcelona; Sydney; and Shanghai.

The 2015 Mustang will hit the US markets next fall; and will later go on sale in Europe and Asia, respectively in the first and second half of 2015. Since it will be the first Mustang model to be sold in Europe and Asia, Ford has brought some upscale touches to the car, to enhance its appeal to the buyers in these two continents.

One of the most significant design changes which Ford has brought to the newly-unveiled 2015 model of the Mustang is the trapezoid front grille, which has been used by Ford to give the car a more premium look as compared to its other global models.

Moreover, the new Mustang will also be nearly 1.5 inches lower than the current model; and will feature a new suspension