Ryan Seacrest invests in new iPhone accessory --- 'Typo' iPhone Keyboard Case

Ryan Seacrest invests in new iPhone accessory --- 'Typo' iPhone Keyboard Case

According to an AllThingsD report, 'American Idol' host Ryan Seacrest is backing a new iPhone accessory called the 'Typo' iPhone Keyboard Case. With the aim of bringing the new accessory to the market, Seacrest has funded the Typo Keyboards firm, along with his co-founder Show Media CEO Laurence Hallier.

Though the exact amount invested by Seacrest and Hallier in Type Keyboards has not been officially disclosed, the AllThingsD report has revealed that the two co-founders have invested over $1 million, and could fork over more than $5 million.

The 'Typo' iPhone Keyboard Case is a two-piece accessory which slides onto the popular Apple iPhone, unfolding a BlackBerry-style keyboard. The accessory has been built for the iPhone 5 and 5S models; and it serves as a protective casing as well as a full backlit keyboard. The 1.4-ounce case also comes with a quick-charging 180 mAh battery, which can be charged up for use within one hour.

The entire process of development, engineering, testing, and feedback of the 'Typo' iPhone Keyboard Case has taken the accessory's creators nearly two years. The accessory will be officially introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month.

The $99-priced 'Typo' iPhone Keyboard Case is now available for pre-order online; and will likely begin shipping on January 13, 2014.