Graphene Termed as Thinnest and Strongest Material

Graphene has been termed as thinnest and strongest material

Graphene has been termed as thinnest and strongest material known so far. In a research paper published in journal AIP Advances, team of researcher from Boulder, Colorado has managed to create thin films of Graphene in a two-step process. Graphene could find application in creating cheaper solar cells, space suits, electric circuits and sensors.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder, has advanced in the creation of graphene on commercial level. Earlier, there were issues in creating very thin films of graphene with grains measuring less than a micrometer. The team has been able to create 0.2 millimeter graphene grains on the copper surface. The new technique involves two steps. In first step, copper is deposited on sapphire wafer slightly above the room temperature. In the second step, heat treatment of the copper film till the melting point of copper helps in growing graphene grains.

The research has been published under article, “Giant secondary grain growth in Cu films on sapphire” on online edition of journal AIP Advances. NIST researcher Mark Keller said that the inability of copper films to survive the graphene growth process has been the biggest bottleneck in the adaptability of the material in various applications so far.

Recently, National Graphene Institute in Manchester developed safer condoms. The research team claimed that the condoms will be much safer compared to latex condoms as Graphene is strong and very thin. The research team was also awarded $100,000 by Bill & Melinda Gates foundation to proceed with the project which could lead commercial development of the product.