Lyme disease turns out to be Growing Problem in United States

Lyme disease turns out to be Growing Problem in United States

As per a federal study, death caused by the deer tick-borne bacteria is more widespread than thought earlier.

Three people in the Northeast, who suddenly died in the past 13 months, suffered from an undetected heart inflammation that is caused by Lyme disease. As per the tests, the Lyme disease probably led to cardiac arrest, which resulted in a car accident.

The three people belonged to New York and Connecticut and were of the age group of 26 years to 38 years, reported researchers.

The infection is increasing with time particularly in the Northeast.

Officials at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that they are worried by the recent cases. But, their investigation so far reveals that deaths from Lyme heart complications are still very rare.

Dr. Joseph D. Forrester says that the phenomenon is not new. He is a CDC scientist and one of the authors of the paper that is published on Thursday in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

According to him, "However, given the severity of what happened and the tragedy of three young people to die suddenly, it was very important to investigate these cases".

In England and other areas, people are being requested by CDC to take advice of doctor immediately if the experience heart palpitations, chest pain, light-headedness, fainting, or shortness of breath. More common symptoms of Lyme disease are fever, rash, and body aches.