Snowy owls fly to Connecticut

Snowy owls fly to Connecticut

A strikingly fancy Arctic owl species very rarely seen in Connecticut is appearing in big numbers this winter, which is probably the largest influx of the species in 50 years or more.

Snowy owls, huge winged creatures of prey with white plumage and yellow eyes, have been seen all around the state as of late, incorporating in West Hartford, Hebron and Bloomfield, however particularly along the drift.

Patrick M. Comins, executive of winged animal protection for Audubon Connecticut, the state office of the National Audubon Society said that essentially, they are simply all around.

They are a winged creature of the level tundra of the Arctic, and an airstrip in Connecticut or a beachfront shore frequently serves as the following most effectively environment.

In a normal winter in Connecticut, maybe one, a few blanketed owls could be seen, very nearly dependably on level land along the drift or inland zones like Hartford-Brainard Airport or Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks.

New sightings are accounted for all intents and purpose consistently. The amount of flying creatures in Connecticut this winter is not sure, however it is more than twelve flying creatures as of recently and effortlessly could be some times that.