Samsung announces its new ‘Samsung Smart Home’ service

Samsung announces its new ‘Samsung Smart Home’ service

Bigwig device maker Samsung said in a Sunday announcement made at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that it will showcase a new platform - called the `Samsung Smart Home' - at the show. The new service will be rolled out by Samsung during the first half of 2014.

According to Samsung, the soon-to-be-unveiled `Samsung Smart Home' service will unfold the "connected home" advantage for the users; giving them one single application for managing all of their connected appliances and devices, ranging from washing machines to wearable tech devices.

To begin with, the `Samsung Smart Home' platform will offer three main services to the users --- Device Control, Home View, and Smart Customer Service.

The Device Control service will enable users to access customized settings for all their devices on their smartphone or on their Smart TV; while the Home View service will allow users to benefit from the cameras built into Samsung's connected appliances for knowing about the happenings at home. The Smart Customer Service will send notifications to users when the service of their appliance is due, and also provide help with regard to after-sales servicing.

Although Samsung did not provide many details about the `Samsung Smart Home' platform on Sunday, the company did reveal that it plans to eventually expand the platform to cover home-energy, secure home access, "eco home applications," and healthcare, via partnerships with third-party service providers