CES 2014 kicks off with plenty of innovative devices

CES 2014 kicks off with plenty of innovative devices

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) officially kicked off in Las Vegas on Tuesday, January 7. The innovative devices which are apparently set to rule the roost at this year's CES event include ultra-high definition (UHD) TVs, curved and bendable TVs, and fitness devices.

One of the innovations unveiled by Intel at the CES event is the company's RealSense technology which comprises a 3D camera embedded in PCs and other devices to enable the computer to sense depth. Intel also showcased a prototype smartwatch which comes with a `geo-fencing' feature that is capable of monitoring the location of the wearer.

With UHD TVs - also called 4K TVs - apparently grabbing the spotlight at the 2014 CES, a number of TV manufacturers are expected to show off their innovative TVs at the show. Bigwig device makers Samsung and LG will introduce their mammoth 105-inch UHD TVs at the event; with Samsung also planning to show a pair of curved TVs, including one which actually bends.

Meanwhile, among the devices which Lenovo unveiled at the CES was a lineup of new tablets and laptops; the most notable one being the 14-inch Carbon X1. The distinguishing feature of the 2.8-pound new Carbon X1 laptop is the "adaptive keyboard" where the function keys can change in accordance with the application being used.

Finally, among the horde of fitness devices which will be on display at the CES are two new devices from LG --- the Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones.