Virgin Galactic's supersonic space ship reaches record altitude today

Virgin Galactic's supersonic space ship reaches record altitude today

Also tested during Friday's flight were the vehicle's Reaction Control System (RCS), which will eventually allow its pilots to manoeuvre it in space, and a newly installed reflective thermal coating on the craft's tail booms.

Virgin Galactic Chief Pilot Dave Mackay she flew brilliantly, who completed the test flight along with Scaled Composites Test Pilot Mark Stucky.  All the tests went really well and generated vital data that will be used to further fine-tune our operations.

To hear Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson tell it, however, from here on the SpaceShipTwo team will make progress by leaps and bounds. Although this was the craft's highest flight to date, however, it still has a long way to go before it reaches its goal of true space flight.

By US Air Force standards, space begins at a height of 264,000 feet
(80,467m) above the Earth's surface, nearly four times higher than SpaceShipTwo's new top altitude.

Beardy billionaire stated that she couldn't be happier to start the New Year with all the pieces visibly in place for the start of full space flights, the beardy billionaire said. 2014 will be the year when we will finally put our beautiful spaceship in her natural environment of space.