Cisco CEO makes clear his company’s direction towards IP video and ‘Internet of Everything’

Cisco CEO makes clear his company’s direction towards IP video and ‘Internet of

During the course of his keynote address at the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas, Cisco Systems' Chairman and CEO John Chambers explicitly hinted that the company is heading in the direction of IP video and the so-called `Internet of Everything.'

In his CES keynote speech, as well as at an invitation-only press event at the show, Chambers - along with other executives from Cisco - carried out demonstrations of Cisco's Videoscape TV services delivery platform. Aimed largely at service providers and media firms, the Videoscape TV services delivery platform facilitates the delivery of new video services and capabilities to customers.

Cisco's demonstrations unfolded new ways of viewing entertainment; with apps being the driving force that will control of the manner in which consumers view content. One of the demonstrations had Cisco engineers showing how the use of mobile devices and smart TV can help customers "carry" video easily from one room to another.

Another demonstration showed how Web pages and TV channels can be integrated via a cookware infomercial; giving the consumers the ability to pause, rewind, and replay a video, as well as view pertinent information about the products in the infomercial on the Web.

Meanwhile, with the concept of `Internet of Everything' (IOE) being one of the highlights of Cisco's CES keynote, Chambers IOE said that IOE "will be bigger than anything done in high tech in a decade;" and added that 2014 will represent the "transformational pivotal point for the Internet of Everything."