Parents’ say their baby died due to shambolic care

Parents’ say their baby died due to shambolic care

Parent's of a four year old boy, Steve and Yolanda Turner likewise blamed Bristol Children's Hospital for expressing an absence of regret when their child passed away in the hospital.

An examination ruled that he passed on from an uncommon heart deformity consolidated with a haemorrhage in the brain and blood clot. Anyway his guardians assaulted doctor's facility supervisors after coroner Maria Voisin said that there were missed chances yet no terrible disappointments in his medicine.

Mr Turner, 47, and his wife disagree and informed that there was a time during the treatment when their child was so got dried out he needed to suck on wet wipes to extinguish his thirst.

They blamed a few parts for staff on Ward 32, where he was dealt with, of being disorganised and said University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust had no remorse over their actions.

The couple also explained that although Sean required a large amount of nursing consideration, on occasion on Ward 32 he didn't even appropriate the most essential forethought.

They felt that the staff and hospital care takers did not plan out a course of treatment for their child. We feel there has been an absence of regret at a few levels inside the trust.