Cloud Party to shut down its service on February 21 and join Yahoo

Cloud Party to shut down its service on February 21 and join Yahoo

According to a TechCrunch report, California-based virtual gaming service Cloud Party has revealed in a recent announcement that it will shut down on February 21, 2014. The announced shutdown comes after Cloud Party's acquisition by Yahoo.

The announcement has revealed that after the shutdown of Cloud Party next month, the company's team will join Yahoo.

Giving the users almost a month's notice before the service is shuttered, Cloud Party - which is a mesh-based virtual world that runs in a browser - has provided instructions to the users to export meshes and images.

Cloud Party - which was founded two years back by a team veterans from console game industry - was essentially created as a free-form virtual world featuring user-generated 3D content. Yahoo's interest in the company was apparently rooted in the fact that it boasts an in-browser virtual world.

In a blog post pertaining to the shutdown of the Cloud Party service, co-founder and CEO Sam Thompson hinted that, even after joining Yahoo, the service will still retain its link with the gaming world. However, the Cloud Party team's next project at Yahoo has not been confirmed.

Reporting Yahoo's acquisition of Cloud Party, a Yahoo spokesperson said in a statement to TechCrunch: "Yahoo has acquired Cloud Party, a company that has created a virtual 3D experience, directly in users' browser... We're excited to merge their unique perspective and experience with a team that is just as passionate about gaming."