Heart attacks and strokes reduced

Heart attacks and strokes reduced

The official figures have shown that the number of patients of strokes and heart problems in Scotland reduced one more time during the year 2011-12.

The later information has helped the long haul pattern for decreases in instances of coronary illness and strokes over the previous decade.

Death rates for both strokes and heart disease have diminished throughout the previous decade, falling by 43.6 percent for coronary illness, and 45.4 percent for strokes in men and 39.2 percent for strokes in ladies.

Heart disease has fallen by 27.3 percent while strokes have fallen by 21 percent during the recent decade.

"These figures demonstrate that our system for handling coronary illness and stroke is conveying true outcomes for patients",  as per a statement by Health Secretary Alex Neil.

"It is incredible that NHS Scotland is keeping on maing noteworthy cuts in the amount of passings from coronary illness and stroke.

He added that the present Heart Disease and Stroke Action Plan sets out a complete programme for further drop in the death rate at whatever age from both coronary illness and stroke.

New NHS figures for 2012 have confirmed a long-term trend for the decline in mortality rates of coronary heart disease, heart failure and heart attacks.