Easy home test kit can detect most colon cancers

Easy home test kit can detect most colon cancers

Reuters reported that a self-test kit for homes can now search for hidden blood in the stool sample of a person which can detect most kinds of colon cancers.

Specialists, in the wake of auditing 19 studies, discovered that the faecal immunochemical test (FIT) has the ability to identify 79 percent of colon cancers, and were quite exceptional with the accuracy of test without making individuals change their eating regimens or quit taking their prescriptions, as some other screening tests oblige.

Dr. Jeffrey Lee of the University of California, San Francisco and Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research told Reuters Health stated that it's more easy to use for the patient.

The results of the research done by Lee and his associates were published in the Feb. 4 issue of the diary Annals of Internal Medicine.

Analysts scanned databases of therapeutic exploration for studies from
1996 through 2013 that observed at the viability of FIT for their research. Nineteen studies were incorporated in their last examination.

Reuters also reported that every study incorporated between around the range of 100 and 28,000 individuals with no side effects of colon tumour, Reuters reported.