T-Mobile wins trademark-infringement lawsuit against Aio Wireless

T-Mobile wins trademark-infringement lawsuit against Aio Wireless

In a recent ruling in the trademark-infringement lawsuit with rival AT&T's subsidiary Aio Wireless, a judge from the Southern District of Texas has sided with T-Mobile. The lawsuit involved the use of T-Mobile's trademark 'magenta' color by Aio Wireless prepaid wireless provider.

In its ruling, the court said that Aio Wireless had infringed on the 'magenta' hue which is abundantly displayed on the T-Mobile properties. The verdict is expected to have significant financial ramifications on the fledgling Aio Wireless.

The trademark-infringement lawsuit against Aio Wireless was filed by T-Mobile in August 2013. T-Mobile had asserted in its complaint that the AT&T subsidiary had deliberately used a color which is strikingly similar to T-Mobile's well-recognized 'magenta' shade in order to confuse customers.

The court's decision in the lawsuit came after only three days of hearings. Giving a verdict in favor of T-Mobile, the judge said that customers immediately think of T-Mobile when they see the magenta color, which is described as "plum" in the lawsuit.

T-Mobile's victory over Aio Wireless in the color lawsuit implies that the use of the magenta color, or any other similar color, will have to be stopped by Aio Wireless in its marketing and advertising materials --- including materials in its stores, websites, and social media, among others.


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