Apple-Tesla merger rumor helped send Tesla stock up to $203.70 on Tuesday

Apple-Tesla merger rumor helped send Tesla stock up to $203.70 on Tuesday

As a result of recent reports of a possible Apple-Tesla merger, the shares of electric car maker Tesla Motors witnessed a 3 percent gain on Tuesday, closing at $203.70 --- a new closing high for the company. It marks the first 'over $200' closing for Tesla.

The gain in Tesla stock on Tuesday was largely an upshot of recent rumors that Apple is mulling the acquisition of Tesla, as well as the electric car maker's projections for a strong fourth quarter.

According to LA Times, analysts are of the opinion that in gain Tesla's stock underscored the reaction of investors to reports which revealed that Tesla co-founder CEO Elon Musk met with Apple's Adrian Perica, the head of the tech giant's mergers and acquisitions team.

The high-level meeting between Musk and Perica was held in early 2013, but it was reported as late as this week by San Francisco Chronicle. The report was based on the information which unidentified 'inside' sources had shared with the publication.

Meanwhile, according to Gartner analyst Thilo Koslowski, a meeting between senior Tesla and Apple executives should not come as a surprise because it is quite "a natural" for Silicon Valley companies to "talk together to see where there would be synergies." Koslowski projected that "there could be a collaboration (between Apple and Tesla) but not likely a takeover."