Bloomberg: Microsoft is getting aggressive on low-end Windows 8 licenses

Bloomberg: Microsoft is getting aggressive on low-end Windows 8 licenses

Bloomberg has revealed in a recent report that software giant Microsoft is getting aggressive on Windows 8 licenses for low-end devices.

According to the report, based on the information shared by unidentified sources, Microsoft is bringing about a 70 percent reduction in the cost of Windows 8.1 for manufacturers of low-cost computers and tablets. The move apparently underscores Microsoft's efforts to offer substantial competition to cheaper devices like Google Chromebooks.

The Windows 8.1 price-reduction move by Microsoft implies that the company will charge $15 for licensing Windows 8.1 OS to manufacturers, rather than the standard fee of $50. The company will also pre-install the OS on devices which retail for less than $250.

As per the report, the discounted price will be offered by Microsoft to any device meets the sub-$250 price limit, irrespective of the type or size of hardware.

Microsoft's aggressive pricing of Windows 8.1 licenses comes amid reports that the sales of the new OS have been slow as compared to Windows 7 --- with only 200 million Windows 8 licenses having been sold by the company since the OS' October 2012 launch.

By aggressively pricing Windows 8 licenses, Microsoft will not only bring the company's rates at par with that of rival company products, but will also apparently increase its share of the growing $80 billion tablet market.