Los Angeles City Might Witness Ban on E-Cigarettes in Public Places

Los Angeles City Might Witness Ban on E-Cigarettes in Public Places

There are chances that the Los Angeles City might make an entry in the list of New York and Chicago where ban on e-cigarettes prevails. On Tuesday, the ban was agreed unanimously and if it gets signed into law by Mayor Eric Garcetti, it will come into effect in 30 days.

As per the ban, e-cigarettes will not be allowed in restaurants, bars, workplaces, parks, beaches and other public places. But e-cigarettes will be allowed in vaping lounges.

The recent news has yet again brought e-cigarettes back in news. Generally, e-cigarettes are referred as vaping as they do not emit smoke. Though a rise is being witnessed in sales of e-cigarettes, some cities and states have implemented ban on e-cigarettes in public places.

Actions taken by the respective governments can prove a big threat for the industry that reported $1.5 billion in sales in 2013. In e-cigarettes, the top of it lights like an ember of a cigarettes and then user exhales vapors as well, which contains nicotine.

Selling point of e-cigarette is to provide smokers a pleasure of smoking without dangerous chemicals. Reynolds American and Lorillard are among the tobacco companies that manufacture and market e-cigarettes.

To attract customers, manufacturers have been trying different tactics as well like offering different flavors such as coffee and cherry. E-cigarettes vary in size from five milliliters to 50 milliliters and the price varies from around five dollars to around 26 dollars.

Till now, medical community has not been able to show support for electronic cigarettes. Los Angeles city councilman Mitch O'Farell stated that e-cigarettes might be containing carcinogens and marijuana derivatives.

Anti-smoking advocates keep on making efforts to curb the e-cigarettes and cigarettes consumption rate. All these factors might affect marketing of e-cigarettes.