Small-Scale Artisanal Growers Fear of being Driven out of Business

Small-Scale Artisanal Growers Fear of being Driven out of Business

A wave of support for medical use of marijuana is increasing nationally. Twenty states and the District of Columbia have already legalized medicinal cannabis. It is not the end as the Marijuana Policy Project said it is close to making Minnesota and New York among the states having legalized medicinal cannabis.

The Marijuana Policy Project is also targeting 15 states where legalization of marijuana will be done, following Washington and Colorado. This has created a sense of fear among small-scale artisanal marijuana growers that they will be driven out of business.

For past several years, it was legal to have marijuana for medical purposes in Washington. But the problem was it was an unregulated market, which made it difficult for the authorities concerned to control the same.

"In the 16 years since medical marijuana became legal [in Washington] an entire ecosystem of neighborhood businesses and cooperative gardens took root, with employees who could direct medical users to just the right strain", said the sources.

There are a number of varieties in Washington like Blue Healer, Purle Urkle and L. A. Confidential among others and all of them provide different medicinal benefits.

Such was the business of marijuana in the state that medical users could freely start growing marijuana in their gardens and also keep large amount of them at home. The authorities feel the unregulated use has led to widespread abuses.

Hilary Bricken, a Seattle attorney dealing in marijuana business, said she has been telling her medical marijuana dispenser clients to get ready to see an end.

Different states have been coming up with new schemes related to medical marijuana and have been making it difficult for poor pot growers to sustain.


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