Huge Cluster of CO Gas Discovered in Pictoris

Huge Cluster of CO Gas Discovered in Pictoris

With the help of Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope in Chile, researchers have spotted a cluster of carbon monoxide gas at distance of 13 billion kilometers away from the star, Beta Pictoris. Scientists said that the findings support for the presence of massive hidden planets in outer space and several violent comet collisions, which might have been missed in the past.

Researchers found that the ‘Beta Pictoris b’ is the planet in Southern Hemisphere which revolves around this violent commit collision and is nine times more luminous than sun. Researchers were surprised on findings carbon monoxide (CO) gas in the star, which they believed would have been busted out from nearby host star. They believe the dusty ring must have formed from the comets from the gravitational pull of the super massive planets.

Bill Dent, an ESO astronomer at the Joint ALMA Office in Santiago, Chile, said that the presence of carbon monoxide gas in stars of young solar system is due to collisions between icy bodies.  

Bill claimed that there must be source in outer world which is continuously replenishing CO gas as the gas has the tendency to survive for about 100 years before being destroyed.

Aki Roberge, an astronomer at NASA's Goddard Research Center in Greenbelt, USA, said that the rate of collisions would be truly startling in order to get huge amount of carbon monoxide.

Mark Wyatt, an astronomer at the University of Cambridge, U.K., said that the cluster of carbon monoxide gas in outer space would help scientists in understanding of the happenings undergoing in young planetary systems.


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