Apple in early stage of negotiation with Comcast to develop ‘streaming-TV service’

Apple in early stage of negotiation with Comcast to develop ‘streaming-TV servic

According to recent Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report, tech giant Apple and bigwig cable firm Comcast are apparently in early stages of negotiation to develop a 'streaming-television service' which will involve streaming live and on-demand TV programming to an Apple set-top box, most likely the Apple TV.

The WSJ report, citing unidentified sources 'familiar with the matter,' said that the streaming TV service which Apple and Comcast are planning to create will "use an Apple set-top box and get special treatment on Comcast's cables to ensure it bypasses congestion on the Web."

Despite the fact that Apple and Comcast are currently in the early phase of talks about the said streaming TV service, analysts opine that if a deal between the two companies come through, the service they develop would be the next killer TV app.

As per the analysts, an Apple-Comcast deal will not only mark a significant team-up for the customers of both the companies, but will also probably have the potential to deliver a blow to content streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

Noting that a potential deal with Comcast will essentially help Apple keep its customers "inside the ecosystem," and retain the revenue which would normally go to Netflix, Hulu or other streaming services, Laurence Balter - chief market strategist with Hawaii-based Oracle Investment Research - told WSJ on Sunday: "It's about the ability to sync between all your devices and watch Comcast, which drives a stake right in the heart of the Netflix subscriber and business model."