LG announces 'smart' LED

LG announces its first ‘smart’ light – the ‘Smart Lamp’

In a move which underscores LG's take on the 'smart' LED light bulb, the bigwig electronics maker has recently announced its first smart light - dubbed the LG 'Smart Lamp' - which is priced at 35,000 (nearly $35); and is available in South Korea.

The 'smart' bulb announced by LG marks a noteworthy improvement over existing light bulbs; thanks to the fact that the bulb not only provides light, but can also be controlled with the help of a smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

Speaking in more specific terms, the LG Smart Lamp can be controlled remotely using an Android device which is powered by Android OS version 4.3, or by an iOS device that runs version 6.0 or higher.

It is through a companion app on a compatible smartphone that the users can control the different aspects of the Smart Lamp, like dimming it or turning it on and off. In addition, there are also several preset modes like Security Mode, for turning the bulb on and off at a specified times; and Play Mode, for automatically adjusting brightness according to the beat of the music being played. The Play Mode is currently available only for Android devices.

Another notable attribute of the LG Smart Lamp is that it is 80 percent more energy-efficient than the standard incandescent bulbs. Moreover, it also has the ability to notify the users whenever a call is being received by the connected smartphone.