Box rolling out new tools for developers

Box rolling out new tools for developers

At the Box Developers Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, cloud file storage and enterprise collaboration firm Box rolled out its new tools which will give the developers the ability to build into the company's enterprise applications.

The new tools - which were introduced by Box CEO Aaron Levie during his keynote presentation at the conference - are dubbed 'Box View' and 'Metadata.'

According to the details shared by Levie, the Box View tool unfolds a new mechanism for viewing and embedding documents on the web and mobile platforms. Box View converts PDFs, Microsoft Office and other document files into an HTML version which can be easily accessed on the web or mobile. The new Box View tool will essentially enable developers to create customized document viewers for the web or mobile.

The other new tool - Metadata - which Box is opening up for developers will chiefly facilitate all developers in the addition of customizable data to files stored in Box. Thanks to the addition of Metadata, users will be able to add an extra contextual layer of information to their files.

Levie revealed that Box is also integrating Metadata into the company's software development kits for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 developers.

About Box's new Box View and Metadata tools, Levie said: "We have an all-new enhanced way to add context to your content, the ability to build really rich applications that go well beyond typical file servers and file-sharing."