Cosmos and Creationists Continue to be at Odds

Cosmos and Creationists Continue to be at Odds

 'A Spacetime Odyssey', a reboot of 'Cosmos: A Personal Voyage', a 34-year-old program hosted by celebrity astronomer Carl Sagan, is tasting success. The 14-episode series is hosted by astrophysicist Neill de Grasse Tyson.

The show will try to find out how laws of nature were discovered and how we find our coordination in space and time. By getting broadcasted in more than 70 nations, the new series has become the largest broadcast ever.

Makers of the show have not deviated from their aim and it remains the same as it was in the last series that is to explore a wide range of scientific topics like origin of life and human's place in the universe. The show is quite promising, but creationists and other religiously minded people seem to be having problem with the telecast.

They want equal airtime on Fox and they have even demanded for the same. It shows that Cosmos and Creationists continue to remain at odds. It is important for Creationists to understand that it is up to the Fox management as to what they plan to telecast.

It is Fox that will decide that whose side it wants to choose. Amidst all this, debate on how the universe was formed continues. It may, however, not be forgotten that it is due to the discoveries made by scientists that world is able to know new things with regard to universe.

Tyson said in an interview, "When different experiences give you the same result, it is no longer subject to your opinion. That's the good thing about it. It's true whether you believe it or not".

He affirmed that they live in a country that permits them freedom of speech. But it is equally important to understand that it is not necessary that whatever is said would be correct. Scientific truth is established on the basis of a series of experiments and observations.