Samsung adds two anti-theft solutions to Galaxy S5

Samsung adds two anti-theft solutions to Galaxy S5

Bigwig electronics device make Samsung revealed in a Friday announcement that it is adding two anti-theft safeguards to its latest handset - the Galaxy S5, which is set to hit the markets next week.

According to Samsung's announcement, the two new anti-theft solutions for Galaxy S5 include the 'Find My Mobile' and 'Reactivation Lock' options, which will come pre-installed in the Galaxy S5 handsets.

Both the safeguards will be available on the Galaxy S5 models sold by wireless carriers Verizon Wireless and U. S. Cellular; and users can activate both the options for free.

The anti-theft solutions announced by Samsung underscore the company's attempt to prevent rampant theft of the mobile devices. The announcement comes at a time when prosecutors in San Francisco, New York and law enforcement officials countrywide have been urging device manufacturers to create a 'Kill Switch' to combat the increasing incidents of smartphone theft in the US.

Praising Samsung's move to have anti-theft solutions pre-installed in its Galaxy S5 handsets, New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman and San Francisco district attorney George Gascon said in a statement that Samsung's anti-theft safeguards and their free activation is "a step forward in our effort to ensure the industry makes effective theft deterrents available on every smartphone sold in America."