Microsoft reveals story behind iconic ‘Bliss’ image of Windows XP

Microsoft reveals story behind iconic ‘Bliss’ image of Windows XP

Software giant Microsoft has recently revealed that story behind the iconic wallpaper of its Windows XP operating system which the company retired on April 8, 2014. The wallpaper marked the default background image on the desktop of Microsoft Windows XP.

The iconic Windows XP wallpaper consisted of undulating green hills and a moderately cloudy sky. According to Microsoft, the image was "probably the most-viewed image of the world."

Microsoft told the story of the iconic image in a nine-minute video released last week. The company revealed that though the 'Bliss' image looked too good to be real, it features an actual piece of landscape, north of San Francisco. The image was clicked by Charles O'Rear from a location not far from his home, in early 1996.

The photo was bought by Microsoft from O'Rear; and it became renowned when the company launched it as the default background image for its Windows XP operating system in 2001. Though Microsoft recently discontinued offering technical support for Windows XP, it is estimated that 30 percent of the world's computers still run the operating system.

As such, a number of people still see the iconic Windows XP wallpaper daily as they turn on their computers. The complete story behind the 'Bliss' image, and its purchase by Microsoft, is shared by O'Rear in the video released by Microsoft.