Research finds new drugs which cure hepatitis C

Research finds new drugs which cure hepatitis C

Doctors and specialists have finally declared victory over hepatitis C which was first detected 25 years ago and has since then been the cause of deaths more than HIV. It affects over three million Americans.

Doctors have suggested after a study that following several clinical tests a new kind of antiviral medicine was successfully able to clear the virus which attacks the liver completely from all patients that it was tested on in as little as eight weeks time.

The success rate was so extraordinary that even patients who had tougher infections were able to get rid of them totally but the new age medication is highly priced.

The success of the tests was confirmed by "sustained virologic responses" which suggest that an infection has been permanently cleared. However there need to be more trials to completely make the treatment totally safe and successful in eradicating the virus completely. 

Study findings were published Saturday in The New England Journal of Medicine. Dr. Jeffrey Tice, a University of California, San Francisco stated that these new age drugs are a proof of the victory of the modern medical technology. He was, however, not a part of these clinical trials.