Apple not likely to introduce iWatch, next-gen Apple TV at WWDC

Apple not likely to introduce iWatch, next-gen Apple TV at WWDC

According to a new Re/code report, tech giant Apple has made no official disclosure about the products which is plans to unveil at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which is scheduled to be held in San Francisco from June 2 to June 6.

With the WWDC event just a month away, there are all kinds of rumors making rounds of late. Some of these rumors assert that Apple will most definitely not introduce products like iWatch and next-generation Apple TV which, over the last two years or so, have been widely touted as Apple's "next big thing."

While the so-called 'iWatch' device has, as per rumors, been undergoing quiet refinements at Apple as the company's next 'killer' device in the smartwatch category; the next-generation Apple TV device has largely been imagined as a revolutionary reinvention of the TV itself.

The Re/code report, citing the details shared by unidentified sources, has revealed that, as of now, Apple CEO Tim Cook has no plans to introduce either a new Apple wearable device or a new Apple TV at the WWDC event next month.

With the Re/code sources claiming that Cook and his WWDC executive team will not "even preview the new software the company is developing" for the next-generation Apple TV, Re/code's John Paczkowski said: "There's little point in Apple unveiling a new OS in advance of a significant hardware update."