Google to announce a mechanism for consumers to request removal of links to personal information

Google to announce a mechanism for consumers to request removal of links to pers

After a recent ruling from European court, Google revealed on Thursday that it will come up with a mechanism for link removal by the end of this month. Internet search giant Google will introduce easier way for consumers to request that links featuring their personal data be removed from the company's search engine.

The announcement - made by Ulrich Kühn, head of Hamburg's data protection regulator's technical department - marks one of the first indications that Google was working through how to operate after the Court of Justice of the European Union said in a Tuesday ruling that consumers could make such requests.

Kühn said that a basic online tool that will give people the ability to request Google to take down potentially harmful personal-information links would be in place in nearly two weeks.

Google has not yet made any official disclosure about how the tool would work or when the mechanism would be online. The company, nonetheless, said that the court's ruling would have implications for its mechanism for handling requests for information to be removed. However, this will be applicable for the European Union only, at the moment.

In a statement, Google asserted: "This is logically complicated. As soon as we have thought through exactly how this will work, which may take several weeks, we will let our users know."