First Award to Boston Student at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

First Award to Boston Student at Intel International Science and Engineering Fai

Intel has awarded eight Indian students as the winners at International Science and Engineering Fair. However, first prize was given to Nathan Han, a 15-year-old Boston native for developing a machine learning software tool capable of studying mutations of a gene associated with breast cancer. The programme was held to kindle interest of youth in science and its brilliant implications.

Abhishek Verma and Daksh Dua from Maharaja Agarsain Public School India were awarded top prize of $3,000 in the Animal Sciences category. Moreover, the Cultural and Scientific Visit to China Award of $8000 was also awarded to them for their efforts to solve the problem of the most common intestinal parasite in the world, Giardiasis.

Kopal Gupta and Shreya Nandy of the Amity International School were two other Indians whose work was commemorated with the prize of $2,500 in the ASU Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives category. Also, they were given the fourth prize of $500 in the Chemistry category for their project about detection and removal of pesticides from foodstuff.

The First Award of $500 in the Patent and Trademark Office Society category was grabbed by Debapratim Jana, South Point High School. The title of the project was 'Multi-layered Phytopigments: Promising Alternative Materials for Solar Cell Development'.

Deeksha Hebbar, who represented the Vivekananda English Medium School, was awarded with a $500 US savings bond from the Ashtavadhani Vidwan Ambati Subbaraya Chetty Foundation. Also, a $500 prize was given for her work in the Animal Sciences category. Her project was titled as 'Cashew Tree (Anacardium occidentale): An Effective Treatment for Cattle Dermatitis'.

A $500 US savings bond along with a $500 award in the Plant Sciences category was given to Jaya Sagar of Manali's Government Senior Secondary School.

Animesh Tripathi of Sanskriti School won the Google CS Connect Award of $5,000 along with $500 in the Computer Science category for his project 'Optimizing Digital Content for Color-Blind Audiences Using Enhancement

Algorithms'. Last but not the least, Amrit Sahu from DAV Public School was declared as the winner of $500 in the Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical category for his project 'VOICE-O-NATOR: An Aid for the Speech Impaired.


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