Meteor Shower to Set Up a Show along with Stunning Conjunction this Week

Meteor Shower to Set Up a Show along with Stunning Conjunction this Week

It will be really exciting for stargazers to know that a spectacular meteor shower in the sky is all set to offer them a sky delight this week. Also, they will get a chance to witness a beautiful conjunction between Venus and the crescent moon.

People have been advised to look at the sky about 45 minutes before sunrise on Sunday to spot Venus and the thin waning crescent moon. The duo will appear about 15 degrees above the horizon. Also, astronomers have revealed that observations of comet LINEAR have suggested that a new meteor shower will occur overnight between Friday and Saturday.

The shooting stars will be radiating from the constellation Camelopardalis. Some astronomers have predicted that more than 200 meteors an hour will be witnessed by people. As the shower will be witnessed for the first time on earth, the event is eagerly awaited. Also, many astronomers are not 100% sure about what to expect because it is going to happen for the first time.

Comet 209P/LINEAR spewed the shower of Camelopardalids' cosmic rock and ice debris in the 1800s. Comet 209P/LINEAR was discovered in 2004 and it enters earth's orbit once every five years as it orbits around the Sun. It was discovered by the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research project, including NASA, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory, and the US Air Force.

Meteor experts made it clear two years ago that the debris will cross earth's orbit this weekend and will set up a brilliant show for people. One astronomer has advised people to check for the shower every hour because there is no surety over the time it will begin as happening for the first time and could start earlier as well.