‘Wearables’ and ‘design’ to hog limelight at Google I/O event next month

‘Wearables’ and ‘design’ to hog limelight at Google I/O event next month

With Google's annual I/O conference for developers scheduled to be held in San Francisco in June, it appears that wearable technology will apparently rule the roost at the event, together with an emphasis on better design.

Hinting that 'wearables' and 'design' will hog the limelight at the forthcoming I/O event next month, Google has published the schedule for the event on Friday. The schedule unveils a lot of details about the expectations from the event, and also implicitly offers indications about Google's current priorities.

It is not surprising that 'wearable devices' will be big at the Google I/O event. With Google having rolled out its Android Wear software a few months back, the company will apparently give tips to developers about the types of devices and apps which they can build - watches being the initial target - and how to go about building those devices.

With 'design' to be the other big focus at the Google I/O event, there will probably be an emphasis on enhancing the visual appeal of apps across different devices and platforms.

Moreover, the Google I/O event will also feature a number of sessions about the Google Glass eyewear, which the company has recently opened up for public retail sale in the US. One of the sessions - 'Hack Your Glass' - will show developers the tools and application programming interfaces (APIs) available for developing more creative apps for the device.