Nest recalls nearly half a million Protect Smoke+ CO alarms

Nest recalls nearly half a million Protect Smoke+ CO alarms

Google-owned Nest Labs has recalled approximately half a million units of its potentially useless Protect Smoke + CO alarms. The smoke detectors have been recalled by the company because of a design defect which can render the devices useless in case of a fire incident.

California-based Nest Labs is the manufacturers of a wide range of sensory-driven, Wi-Fi enabled thermostats and smoke detectors. With the company's Protect smoke detectors essentially designed for the purpose of saving lives, the recall of the product is rooted in the discovery of a flaw which prevents the smoke alarm from sounding immediately.

In its announcement of nearly 440,000 Protect smoke detectors, Nest Labs claimed that the move to recall the potentially useless smoke detectors was largely a result of a "failure to sound alert."

The mechanics of the Nest Protect smoke detectors - which have already been highlighted on US-based Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)'s website - underscores the users' ability to turn off the smoke alarm merely by waving at it.

However, the 'too sensitive' function can apparently be triggered a number of movements; and, theoretically speaking, that means users can accidentally turn off the alarm, increasing the likelihood of a life-threatening house fire.