LG releases new teaser video to give a peek at its forthcoming G3 flagship handset

LG releases new teaser video to give a peek at its forthcoming G3 flagship hands

With the new LG flagship smartphone - the LG G3 - scheduled for launch on Tuesday, May 27, the company has recently released a new teaser video which unfolds the first actual peek at the forthcoming handset.

The teaser video - which is one of the numerous teasers which LG is releasing for the media and the fans before launching G3 - shows off the outline of the upcoming LG G3 handset featuring a massive 5.5-inch Quad HD screen, which brings the device close to the size of the Note. However, since the G3 has small bezels, the overall size of the handset appears small despite the big screen.

The video - courtesy a new G3-dedicated microsite - also highlights the brushed-metal case of the new LG G3 smartphone; though LG has not clarified whether the case is made of plastic or real metal.

Moreover, going by the teaser video, the camera of the new LG G3 handset will be a 13-megapixel shooter which will feature a laser autofocus system. The video also hints at how easy it will be for the users to manage the new LG handset.

Meanwhile, earlier, on May 22, LG had presented another innovative accessory - the unique QuickCircle case - for the forthcoming G3 smartphone. The folder-style case features a circular window placed on the front, to enable users to listen to music, click pictures, photos, place calls, send texts, and check the time.