Tangible Play’s new Osmo app connects real toys with an iPad

Tangible Play’s new Osmo app connects real toys with an iPad

Tangible Play startup has recently introduced a new app called 'Osmo,' which unfolds creative ways for children to enjoy the digital world as well as the real world. The key objective of the app is to help improve the children's fine motor skills, social IQ, and hand-eye co-ordination.

Aimed at children aged 6 to 12 years, Osmo is basically an app together with a hardware kit, which connects real toys with the Apple iPad. There are, in effect, three game sets working with corresponding apps. These game sets are: Newton, Words, and Tangram.

While Newton comprises a drawing app and an obstacle course, the Words game is fairly akin to Scrabble and asks children to identify words based on letters that come up on the screen. The third game, Tangram, requires the kids to create shapes on the basis of the images shown on the screen.

The game sets come with physical toys in a multitude of colors which connect to corresponding apps. The downloading of the companion apps gives the users the ability to clip on a small mirror device which reflects the gaze of the camera down; thereby enabling the camera to capture the image of the toys on the desk.

While Osmo is presently in its early days of funding, the game sets are now available for pre-order for $49. Once Osmo's achieves its $50,000 funding goal, it will sell for $99; with the apps to be compatible with the iPad 2 and higher models.