Apple furious over Dr Dre’s leak of Beats acquisition

Apple furious over Dr Dre’s leak of Beats acquisition

With tech giant Apple's reported acquisition of headphone brand Beats Electronics - in a $3.2 billion deal - apparently having been delayed due to reasons unknown, a Billboard report has projected that the delay is, in part, a result of the fact that the news of the acquisition was leaked; thereby triggering media frenzy.

Apple was reportedly furious about the leak of its acquisition of Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre's joint venture, Beats Electronics. The technology firm could have announced the acquisition in near future, but there is thus far no official disclosure about the move.

The conservative Apple was evidently miffed by a Facebook video which showed an 'excited' Dr Dre announcing that the Beats sale - marking Apple's biggest acquisition deal - had made him a billionaire. The video showed Dr Dre with R&B singer/former Coca Cola pin-up Tyrese.

The video - which crassly highlighted how Dr Dre will be hip-hop's first billionaire - was probably too much for Apple to take, given the fact that the company's executives do not like to talk about money in public.

According to the Billboard report, Apple's staff "near imploded with outrage" when the company's Beats acquisition was announced to the world, and the media, on the Facebook social network.