LaCie upgrades Rugged external drive with lightning-fast transfer speeds

LaCie upgrades Rugged external drive with lightning-fast transfer speeds

Seagate Technology's premium brand from LaCie said in a Thursday announcement that it has updated its Rugged Thunderbolt-tainted external drive, which now boasts a tougher design, lightning-fast transfer speeds, and an integrated Thunderbolt interface cable.

Noting that there are two versions - the SSD version and the hard disk version - of the Rugged drive, LaCie said in its announcement that the SSD version of the updated Rugged is capable of providing transfer speeds of up to
387 MB/s; while the hard disk version provides speeds of up to 122 MB/s.

LaCie said that, with the mentioned speed of the SSD version of the upgraded Rugged drive, 100GB can be transferred by photographers, videographers and other power users in less than five minutes, along with the additional advantage of zero lag while accessing files, viewing photos or editing videos. The company also said that the up to 122 MB/s transfer speeds of the hard disk version marks a 35 percent improvement over FireWire 800.

In addition to highlighting the faster speeds of the updated Rugged drive, LaCie has also revealed that the updated drive also boasts improved dust, shock and water resistance, and features a USB 3.0 port for customers whose desktops or laptops do not have the Thunderbolt technology.

LaCie said in a press release: "With both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 interfaces, the LaCie Rugged is an ideal match for Mac and PC users. Because USB 3.0 is backward compatible, users can connect it to any standard computer."