Environmentalists concerned about conservation of environment in India

Environmentalists concerned about conservation of environment in India

Environmentalists have shown serious concerns regarding the conservation initiatives considered by the month old new government of India.

These concerns generated from the fact that this new government has granted clearances to several defense projects that had been pending for years due to potential environmental impacts. Environment minister, Prakash Javadekar and the Ministry of Environment and Forests have even relaxed the definition of forest area so as to help facilitate industrial activity.

Also, the government has also attempted to take control of the finances of environmental nonprofits like Greenpeace. Not only this it has gone a step ahead by declaring the NGO a "threat to national economic security" for opposing mining, coal-fired power plants, and nuclear power projects.

The odd-looking Narcondam hornbill, an endangered bird found only on Narcondam Island will soon be a very rear sight as India alleges that China has set up a "listening post" aimed at intercepting Indian communications on this Myanmar-owned Coco Island and in response to this the Indian government has revived plans to build a radar station on Narcondam Island which it had previously rejected by the government back in 2008 largely due to concerns about the hornbill.

The hornbill has a tiny range of just 2.7 square miles (7 square kilometers) and flies only short distances and so they are limited to Narcondam Island. The breeding land of the bird had already been reduced back in 1969 when an Indian police set up an outpost on the island.