Sugar tax Make it to San Francisco Ballot in a 6-4 Vote

Sugar tax Make it to San Francisco Ballot in a 6-4 Vote

On Tuesday a Board of Supervisors in a slim 6-4 vote over the issue of deciding the matter of a tax measure that concerns sugary beverages and soda pushed it to the November ballot. Now San Franciscans would have to decide whether to charge a tax of 2-cents-per-ounce on soda and other sugary beverages and expend the extra money on children's' health programs.

The six supervisors who are supporting the measure seemed to be surprised by the disagreement of Supervisors Katy Tang, Jane Kim, London Breed and Norman Yee. The supervisors who do not agree to the notion are concerned that whether a tax will be a good way to decrease consumption and also doubt if the proceeds will be utilised for the communities that are most affected by obesity, diabetes and other health related issues that are connected to a high sugar diet.

The supervisors who are in for the cause include Eric Mar, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, David Chiu, David Campos and Mark Farrell. They acknowledged that the drive will be a mounting battle

against the beverage industry which is funded extremely well and has been working for months to thump the tax and has repetitively trodden back like efforts in other places.