Glaciers Melt near Lahaul, Spiti Make Officials Warn about Flooding

Glaciers Melt near Lahaul, Spiti Make Officials Warn about Flooding

Officials said they were stunned to see the glacial lakes formed along the 16km long trek that lead to Neelkanth Lake.

MLA Lahaul and Spiti Ravi Thakur shared that six to seven lakes now have a lot of water in comparison to the last time. Thakur, vice chairman of National Commission for Scheduled Tribes, also affirmed that there are some lakes that are now 1.5 to 2 km long, which is a matter of concern.

Thakur will discuss the matter with the officials of the state government. He will also ask them to send a team of geologists at the spot, so they can estimate the level of threat. Thakur said the threat may not be immediate, but by taking timely action they can downplay the risk.

Lahaul and Spiti district is said to have second largest glacier in Asia called as Sigri. Thakur also shared that there are certain glacier lakes like the Sissu that have already started flooding.

Smaller lakes are being formed because of melting of glaciers. This is certainly not good news for those who live downstream. In total, Himachal Pradesh has 249 glacial lakes and 11 of them have been identified of having potential for breach.

Thakur said they had gone to inspect huts constructed by the forest department for pilgrims and tourists visiting Neelkanth Lake in Nainghar. It was during that visit that they came across around six to seven lakes.

Divisional forest officer, Lahaul, Heera Lal Rana, affirmed that these lakes have formed in the past two to three years only.